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Carving the inimitable

Each tourist property is unique. We use data and software to discover your dynamic and effective competitive strategy

  • We accompany you in the process of implementation and support of hotel PMS software, adapting to your specific needs
  • We provide advice for the commercial optimization of product inventory and its distribution through direct sales channels and OTA's
  • We maintain a harmonious relationship with online sales channels and manage technology platforms following rules to increase positioning
  • We analyze data looking at the internal situation and the competitive set making effective decisions

We provide this through two types of services:


We use data to discover the unique identity of each hotel property in the market, defending a set of variables to compete successfully and increase occupancy and income.

  • We advise on the optimization of product inventory and its distribution in direct channels and OTA's
  • We design the rate structure with prices, restrictions and cancellation policies that best suit the Online and Offline market segments
  • We select the set of hotels for the Competitive Set based on geographic location and similar characteristics.
  • We analyze reservation data and the competitive set with modern tools that provide a clear vision, making effective decisions that increase occupancy and revenue .
  • We forge harmonious relationships with OTA's and manage extranets following rules to improve positioning

Hotel PMS Software

Modular Channel Manager Booking Engine Website Restaurant Yield Manager Invoices Migration

It adapts to your needs, you only pay for what you use. Complete, easy to use, quick to implement and effective in results. Operates on all operating systems and mobile devices. It integrates with accounting software (Siigo, available in several countries) for electronic invoicing. Control prices, availability and restrictions of your channels from a single point, while receiving your reservations organized in a glider.

  • We accompany you in the effective implementation with your team of collaborators
  • We seek a technological integration of the entire commercial process from the management of rates to the export of invoices to accounting systems
  • We provide Prime support via WhatsApp
  • We have 10 years of experience